My quality of life has improved tremendously with the help of Dr. Miller and Smart Health! After several years of wacky menstrual cycles, chronic digestive issues, bloating, inflammation and brain fog, I decided to seek natural, alternative treatment because my MD offered no viable solutions. I was impressed in my very first visit. Dr. Miller approached me with compassion and took the time to listen to my issues and dig deep. She instilled within me the confidence to start the Nutrition Response Testing program and I'm SO glad I did. Progress has been gradual but after a few months, I felt like my old self again! Light, comfortable, clear headed - normal. An added bonus, the cost is reasonable. Thank you, Dr. Miller!

Megan B.

I have been a patient of Dr Miller’s for over 11 years now. I was first diagnosed with PCOS and heard it would be hard for me to get pregnant. I also never had regular cycles and a list of other ailments. Well, after seeing Dr Miller that has all changed. I have two healthy kiddos, healthy pregnancies and my cycle is on schedule. She’s treated our entire family. I appreciate the vast health knowledge that she passes along to her patients. She truly wants to see you healthy and supports you getting better. She teaches you that if the body is supported with proper nutrition and care it can heal itself. She’s amazing!

Sunshine V.

Dr. Miller has been my families chiropractor for over 14 years. She is very kind, knowledgeable and skilled. Over the years she has helped me through a serious health crisis, she has adjusted my daughter during and after her pregnancies and my grandchild as an infant and toddler. I’ve seen her skills grow over the years and highly recommend her to anyone who would like to be healthy and feel good. Not only can she adjust you through chiropractic care she can help with nutritional support, weight loss, etc… I highly recommend Dr. Miller.

Jeannie W.

I've been seeing Dr. Miller for over a year and have to say she is the best! She is an expert in her field, very knowledgeable and always positive and encouraging. Shee truly cares about her patients and does all she can to improve their health. The entire staff at Smart Helath are always upbeat and welcoming which creates a positive atmosphere. Highly recommend Dr. Miller and Smart Health!

George M.

Dr Miller is amazing. She provides a great understanding of where you are in terms of health and help provide changes to get you feeling 100%. Highly recommended

Rachel L.

Great care here! I have been coming to Dr. Miller for more than 5 years. I started out just with chiropractics and moved from there to holistic health and wellness. Over the years I have had my ups and downs with my health and how I have been feeling with my body, but through it all Dr. Miller has always helped me in feeling better/relief. She has helped me weather through periomenopause symptoms, vertigo, gastric issues, neck and back pain, sciatica and hiatal hernia. She and Stephanie are always kinda and supportive and listen. Give them a try. You won’t be sorry.

Kimi S.

Dr. Miller has helped my daughter with so many things that have popped up in her growing body. From Adhd, stomach issues and even broken bones! She helps with things that traditional medicine would just treat with medication. I love that her program helps heal the body.

Stacie C.

Dr. Miller really listens to your concerns and treats those concerns in a methodical way. Her care for her patients is extraordinary! I am on the path to healing and I’m grateful to her for that!

Mark & Katie D.

Love this practice! Always professional, down to earth and relatable. Dr Miller has kept my body healthy from the inside out!! Don’t hesitate to choose this practice!!

Joan S.

The BEST and most thorough chiropractic care! Always professional and timely. Dr. Miller’s adjustments have provided relief for my back and hip pain, as well as eliminating persistent numbness in my arms and fingers. She is also the only chiropractor I have trusted adjusting my son and he is completely at ease in her care!!

Daniela S.

Dr. Miller has taken GREAT care of my entire family since 2006. BEST in the business for chiropractic needs, spinal decompression, nutritional supplements, injury care, and educational support to learn ways to be SMART with our HEALTH. She also provides ongoing opportunities for other needs, like x-rays, acupuncture, lipomelt, essential oils, and mobile thermography. We always feel better after her checkups!

Lesa D.

Dr. Miller has saved my family's health. Until I found Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Miller, I was a physical and emotional wreck. With her help, I am healthy. She has showed me how to eat well and heal through proper supplementation. My family and I are so glad we found her! Go SMART HEALTH!

Kajal P.
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